Control de Velocidad PWM 40A

Control de Velocidad PWM 40A
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1. This product is suitable for speed control of universal DC motor, production line conveyor belt, pipe exhaust fan, treadmill and so on.
2. Operating Voltage: DC10V-DC50V
3. Control Power Rate: 0.01-2000W(Maximum Current: 40A)
different voltage correspond with different power rate:
Operating Voltage 12V-480W(Max)
Operating Voltage 24V-960W(Max)
Operating Voltage 36V-1440W(Max)
Operating Voltage 40V-1600W(Max)
Operating Voltage 50V-2000W(Max)
4. Quiescent Current: 0.025A
5. PWM Duty Cycle: 5%-100%
6. PWM Frequency: 15khz
7. Operating Temperature: -20

Weight: 139g
Color: Black
Size: 10.5(L)x5.5(W)x3.8(H)cm

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